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When you have thoughts of doing hard drive recovery, whether the damage was logical or from a drop on the floor, we are confident to inform you that you are covered. We are here for you regardless of the need you have concerning data recovery. We have technicians that can handle your needs and help you get the data you lost in no time. When you get into our offices with a drive that contains your lost data, you will see the labs we use to do data recovery and that will give you the first signs of confidence that your data will not get lost completely.


Why us?

We have been in the business of data recovery for long and we are confident that you will select us to recover data for you. The reasons that will make you choose us include;



Our technicians have been doing business for long and their experience will give you a reason to choose us. These professionals have the required training and certification that warrant them to work on your external hard drive. They understand all techniques of handling lost forensic data and the likely problems that happen during the process. We have very many years of expertise and what we do defends us in the market. You can contact our previous customers at www.recoverdatalinks.com to find out if they got satisfied with the job that we did for them.



We have handled many hard drives with lost data for different customers and each customer has come back to thank us for the job we did in the efforts to recover their data. Our technicians have respect and training in all customer handling aspects and humility is what you will notice when you get to our office. They will only handle your hard drive after they know that you have given them the go ahead to do it. We do not handle your lost data without express permission from you. They are courteous when talking to you to understand what happened to the drive before knowing where to begin with the recovery. Understanding the source of the problem will help in determining the best tool to use for the problem.



All techs at our company have taken the required certifications and have been approved by all the bodies of the government to allow them to practice data recovery. All employees at our company go through rigorous vetting to check if they have any record and make sure we are giving you the best techie to handle your hard drive. Since we handle sensitive data, we have employees that sign to abide by the privacy policy to make sure that everything is private and secure and your data does not get to third parties.


Insurance and licensing

www.recoverdatalinks.com is a registered company and has the required mandate to handle all data recovery needs. We have insurance covers for the job we do on the hard drives so that we do not lose your drive for nothing. We, however, advise that you purchase insurance for all your electronics so that you have some cover when you have hard drive failure.

We have government licenses to give you assurance that we are legally in the business and are dependable when it comes to results. Sine we are the best in the universe, we will provide you with the desired results and all your data will be back. Come for our service and you will rest assured that your data will be back.


Warranty and guarantee

We have a warranty for the services we provide just in case an issue happens during the job. We clone your hard drive to another one so that we eliminate the risk of destroying your original disk. We handle recovery of data from sectors that are lost and faulty and make sure that you are back to your normal life. We also use high-quality tools and software to do data recovery. The tools are original and affordable to you when you choose to do recovery from our company. You will not purchase the tool to do recovery but pay for the service you receive. We are what you need for everything you desire for the desired needs. The software tools we use and our laboratory are not comparable to anybody else in the market. We are simply the best!

When it comes to doing data recovery, there are various services we offer. We do recovery on different types of hard drives and also provide online data storage. Below are some of the services you will get when you choose us to manage your data.


Data Recovery

The tools of data recovery we use at the company are many and we use an individual tool according to the case of recovery in question. When you experience what our tools do, you will realize that it is not about marketing but about the real functionality. We want to let you know that in case you have accidentally erased crucial files by accident and you are thinking that it is gone completely, you are at the right place because we have what it takes to help you get the data you need.

If you have ever been in a state that necessitates purchasing tools for data recovery, then you understand the importance of having a backup system for all your data. This is the only lecture we will give you when you visit us, we will insist on telling you to keep a backup for your data to avoid such occurrences when the hard drive fails. However, if you require data recovery services for the first time, then we will help you understand these things slowly.


Dilemma of recovery tools

The market has many recovery tools to recover data. Nevertheless, when you are alone, it becomes hard for you to choose between the available tools in the market for your situation. The vendors you will find online will lie to you about products that do wholesome recovery or data from all types of data losses. When you get to us, you will realize that we have particular tools for each recovery situation and we apply a tool that will recover your data.

Employing the data recovery tool you choose is obvious but we do not forget to use other tools when the tools you choose are not providing the best results. Many people do not know that the recycle bin has another usable copy. Try seeking the copy in the system through the search function to see if you can locate your deleted file.

Before you get to our offices, check the recycle bin to make sure that you cannot trace the file. Click through all trashed files. If you get what you need, double click it and choose the option of restoring the files. You can relocate all files that are missing. You can find it if unique areas according to the OS you are utilizing.


Hard Drive Recovery

In case you own a computer, then the idea of hard drive recovery is not new to you. Even when you take all efforts to avoid it, a day will come when you will have to face it when it comes. What will you do when the time to face it comes?


Hard drive recovery tools

Hard drive recovery tools are your leading line of defense. There are many software options at our company, and that is our starting place when we embark on the task of recovering your deletes files on the hard drive. Our tools are of high-quality and can perform the difficult task of rebuilding your files and doing the recovery of your RAID. When you come to use, we already know that you data problems are lying between two major issues.

Free tools online for recovering the hard drive are good when recovering deleted files. The majority of these tools will not guarantee one hundred percent success. You will understand the meaning of this statement when you visit us with lost hard drive data.

Solutions for recovering the hard drive are crucial when you have mistakenly deleted files. With other present issues where components of files have not changed, all occurring solutions will come when all parts have undergone alteration necessitating expensive software to handle hard drive recovery.

It can be challenging to distinguish the products of recovering your hard drive because some seem to be similar. We know the tools to use in each application and that is the reason as to why we are there for you. The main reason for you to come to use is because low-level products claim to give you similar results as premium products. They can undelete files in some instances but fail you in other instances of recovering files. Many vendors of such systems do not state if this package is alters and the level of results you will receive. We have the best products and they give the results you desire to get for your files undelete tasks.


External Drive Recovery

The demand of external drives has been high since they got introduced to the market. Their popularity comes from the fact that they are compatible. Their access speed has also made them a common entity for people. Even though people used them as mediums of storage for files like movies and songs, they are more than plain devices of storage. Many users employ these external hard disks as their primary drives and using them to do other tasks like running applications.

Even though external disks seem unique when compares to fixed drives, both of them are quite similar except that the drives have casings that enable it get connected via the USB cable. Since these drives are the same, the problems encountered are similar. Our company knows that losing data in this drive is possible. Just like fixed hard drives, chances of losing data due to physical errors are present because it is very probable. We have experts at the company who have specialized in recovering data from eternal hard drives. Feel confident when you bring your hard drive to our company for data recovery.


Hard Drive Failure

Disks, hard drives, and magnetic media of storage are common in the market and they offer added storage for the requirement of computers in the market. They are excellent for storing videos, pictures, and audio files. Adhering to the same size and footprint according to the initial design, they have started to grow to the current 1TB in a short period.

The space of CPUs will continue to double after eighteen months but there is no law for hard drives to increase within a short period. Any additional storage is a welcome for users of computers. Nonetheless, there is a difference when it comes to increased capacities of storage and media longevity, and the reliability of the media holding crucial data.

These magnetic mediums are prone to weaknesses and a few of them are inherent to the internal design and structure, but the other sources of failure are external. Our technicians understand that the technology of these drives is on the basis of electromechanical design that platters spinning that is made of glass or ceramics and coasted via the process of sputtering. The technician decodes and encodes these layers through head stack assembly operating to precise and repeated accuracy. Modest hard drives usually function to less than a single micron.


Forensic Data Recovery

The major risk of saving essential data on your hard drive is when failure comes. If this happens, the user of the computer will have to come to our company for assistance on forensic data recovery. As many people know, it can be costly when it comes to recovering data. People go to a great extent to purchase recovery programs. They seek knowledge on ways of preventing loss of data in future. Because data loss is an abrupt event, buying the software from use to do it from home or bringing the drive to use to do the recovery will be of help. In our company, there is no other program that is similar to the one used in doing forensic data recovery. This package has been programmed to allow for its focus to be on recovering data alone.

Therefore, this program accesses all the lost data regardless of the hardness of things. Currently, forensic data recovery from our company is the most probable method of proving that your data is protected. Therefore, the method we use is dependable and the majority of customers using our company know it. To get this service, you need to explore the option of buying the forensic data recovery software from us or bring your drive to our specialists to do it for you.


Sensitive Data Scanning

Travelling abroad today without having access to the internet is quite rare. Increased population of computers that are travel-friendly are getting into the market, and also other devices like smartphones are making it easy to access the World Wide Web. How will you store all your user names and passwords for backed up data safe? With thieves and hackers being all over, there is a new security concern on the rise; therefore, traveling safely while protecting sensitive data that is on your device is vital. There are many services that store passwords online and coming to use when you are suspecting of such mischief will get your concerns to rest. We have experts in sensitive data scanning to sort you out and give you peace of mind while on the go.

At times, our services will scan your images, official documents, and other crucial documents for many years to come. This is good for added value for coming to our company for solutions. Some of the services we offer here are free but advanced packages require monthly and annual subscriptions. We provide some services that require two-way authentication so that you access the data you want after the verification of the password. You will get a security key that will allow you to access sensitive data from our company.


Managed Online Data Backup

Each year, people and businesses lose data due to crashes of drives, system failures, and errors of the user. Because of the unpredicted nature of data loss, the desired defense against loss of data is regular backup of data online with our managed online data backup channel.

There are many data storage methods, and the best option we provide is the online backup service. The majority of online services store data for a charge.

The online data backup service from www.recoverdatalinks.com is directed by a tool that stores your files on a remote server. The data gets sent through the internet to ensure data integrity and safety. After completing software download, you have a chance of customizing the options you have via the installation wizard. Our software will monitor your data and back them up in case you have made any changes.


Boot Volume Errors Data Recovery

When you get a blue screen when you are starting up or working with your windows computer, you need to know that it is time to come to us to do boot volume errors data recovery. We will use the command prompt to do this recovery. We will use the CMD and a windows disc to run the commands.

Our technicians will run these commands from the system administrator. Depending on the type of windows software you are using, we will employ the required procedures to get to the command prompt. We will run our processes as the administrators of the machines. We will do a full system scan with the sfc/scannow command.

We will give your machine enough time to execute that command prompt. According to the state of your system, time will be varied. In case we do not detect any errors with your system through the command prompt, we will correct the error by repairing any errors from any system integrity violations.


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